Sandra Lettner wins gold at the Climbing Youth World Championships at the combination finals!

Today, September 10th, the last event of the Climbing Youth World Championships, the combination finals, took place. The 16-year-old Upper Austrian, Sandra Lettner, became the new world champion in the U18 category! Innsbruck is the first venue to host the combination finals on such a large, international level. The 20 best athletes of the Youth A (U18) category were competing in Speed, Bouldering and lastly in Lead. There were also 13 Tickets for the Youth Olympic Games in 2018 at stake. Sandra Lettner (AUT) took gold while Sam Avezou (FRA) took the title in the boys’ categoryGold für Sandra Lettner und vier Athletinnen unter den Top Ten! Bei den Burschen sicherte sich Sam Avezou (FRA) den Titel.

Everyone kept their head during the Speed discipline; Sandra Lettner (AUT) sensationally came in on the first place.

After the Speed round, favorites Ashima Shiraishi, Brooke Raboutou and Sandra Lettner were all in the midfield of the ranking.

One does not just simply beat Ashima Shiraishi, but Sandra Lettner had a special day today. Lettner gave everything she got during Bouldering and showcased her talent. She was the only one out of her peers to get to all the tops in Bouldering and secured the first place before the Lead event.

The Lead event was decisive: Gold for Sandra Lettner and Sam Avezou

Sandra Lettner has already stated after the Lead competition that she likes this wall in Innsbruck. She was showing her talent confidently and only fell when almost being at the top. When Brooke Raboutou (USA) fell at the same handle, the dice have been cast: Lettner claimed the second gold medal for Austria against an extremely strong competition at the Climbing Youth World Championships! The very first world champion in the U18-category was overjoyed about her great day: “I would have never thought that I would get this far, and that I am still this strong on day 12 of this event. I am overjoyed. Now I will rest a bit before the European Championships come up."

Every Austrian athlete managed to finish in the top ten, an impressive result that was much appreciated by the Austrians. Silver and Bronze went to the big favorite Ashima Shiraishi (USA) and her teammate Brooke Raboutou. Sandra Lettner is the first athlete to beat Ashima Shiraishi at a Youth competition.

Youth A male: First Gold for France in the hands of Sam Avezou

The Frenchman Sam Avezou won the Combined title. Silver went to  Filip Schenk, Petar Ivanov won Bronze. The Youth A combined World Champion said:  “ It was great today. To disciplines in a row are tiring, but the day was really fun. For us young athletes, it is really important that the Combined discipline is carried out, because it will be used in Tokyo. It was the first time ever at these Youth World Championships and I am glad to have been a part of it."

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