How does the volunteer process - from registration to helping at the event - work?

Which steps to take from the registration to the actual volunteering at the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships Innsbruck Tirol 2017 is displayed in a graph at the volunteer team tirol website.

We care about providing you with a job that fits your interests and strengths best. That is why we first do a short interview with all volunteer applicants. In an orientation course, we also inform you about your job and provide you with training shortly before the event.

Is there a minimum age for volunteers?

Yes. The minimum age for volunteers at the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships Innsbruck Tirol 2017 is 16 years. For volunteers under 18 years, one parent or legal guardian must provide a signed consent form at the orientation course at the latest.

Do I have to speak German or English as a volunteer?

As a volunteer at the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships Innsbruck Tirol 2017 you have to speak German very well, ideally, your English is also very good. Depending on the job, very good German skills in both spoken and written form are necessary. The details will be given at the interview at the latest.

Do I have to be available on all days from 29.08. – 10.09.2017?

Depending on the assignment, the beginning and the end of the volunteer assignment varies. After 30.08.2017 all volunteers are deployed. For organisational reasons, applicants which are available on all days and flexible are preferred. 

How long is one volunteer shift?

One volunteer shift takes between six and ten hours and involves one, often more breaks distributed over the day. You receive the precise timetable by mid-July at the latest. 

Will I be outside all day?

Depending on your assignment, you will be working indoors or outdoors. During the breaks, there is a staffroom for everyone. 

Is there free accommodation for volunteers during the event?

No. International volunteers respectively those not living within driving distance to Innsbruck will have to take care of their accommodation themselves. When assigning the jobs, we will provide a list with practical accommodations. 

Is there free parking for volunteers at the venue?

The organisers will provide free parking for volunteers at the venue. Given that space there is limit, there will be a free shuttle from the Olympiaworld to the venue Kletterzentrum Innsbruck. Details about parking at the Olympiaworld can be found HERE.

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